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The Diary of a Young Sri Lankan Woman : A Medicine Shortage

"The reality of our crumbling healthcare system makes me worry a lot," says a young woman from Sri Lanka on this first-person series from the island nation.

Last night I joined a discussion on Twitter. 

This discussion was on the ongoing crisis situation in my country right now. There were over 450 individuals tuning in. 5 speakers were addressing the violence reported from some areas of the island, and the police brutality that came with it. What caught me off guard most was the discussion on the healthcare system. As a little girl, I was always a sickly child. I remember spending most of my days in the hospital due to various illnesses, diseases and broken bones. I remember feeling pain, but eventually, relief. “Don’t worry”, my dad would assure me,” every problem has a solution. You will be cured soon!”. This was once my reality, but no longer. 

Listening to the speakers unveil the various drugs that are unavailable for people affected by chronic diseases - adults and children alike - was concerning. “There’s no medicine for my mom,” said one speaker, “She is living with Kidney disease and she needs her medicine to survive. I don't know what will happen to her.” 

“My wife is 7 months pregnant,” another confessed, “ her due date gets nearer and she gets more afraid every day. We are praying there won’t be any complications to deal with.” 

“My child was sick and we couldn’t find the proper medication for him,” chimed another,” he seems to be in recovery now because I managed to afford alternatives but, I worry about the people who don’t have such options.”


The reality of the country and the reality of our crumbling healthcare system makes me worry a lot.


My anxiety has never been this high. 


- A Young Sri Lankan Woman 



Sri Lanka is an island nation in South Asia that is currently experiencing its worst economic crisis in decades. Access to healthcare and essential medications is threatened by this crisis. Hospitals are running out of medicines and health supplies. Healthcare providers are under constant stress due to the unveiling situation. This first-person account details the experiences of a young Sri Lankan woman during this strenuous time.